Signalling Maintenance

Rail Signalling Maintenance Services 

At SigTech Rail signalling & maintenance are core components of our service delivery. Our highly skilled rail engineers ensure that any maintenance projects we undertake leave all tracks in safe working order and reliable for trains to run on. 

When assets are installed and commissioned, they still need to be checked and maintained. Not undertaking maintenance, simply increases the risk of equipment failure which in turn results in delays to trains and then onto to rail passengers.  

Maintenance isn’t just about cleaning an infrastructure asset, it also includes undertaking functional checks, servicing, as well as repairing or replacing equipment as and when needed. Assets across the rail infrastructure can vary from a basic information sign, right through to more complex assets such as computer and fibre optic controlled equipment.  

Our Core Maintenance Competencies    

Our specialist skilled team of signalling maintenance engineers can manage, scope, programme and plan all types of track maintenance and renewals activities including: 

  • Enhancing any track renewals. 
  • Carrying out corrective maintenance works. 
  • Life extension project works. 
  • POE for Switch and Crossings. 

Our highly skilled engineering teams all come from different rail specialisms and can help to support any rail maintenance projects right across the UK. So, whether you need engineers to repair, replace, inspect, test or just maintain your rail equipment then we can offer you a tailored works program to suit your budget needs.  

Our Core Signalling Competencies 

  • T-xx Walkout Surveys 
  • Installation of trackside equipment, cabinets & other structures 
  • AWS, TPWS, Axle Counters, Balise, Treadles 
  • Switch and crossings  
  • Locations & REB internal wiring works 
  • Heritage signalling equipment – semaphore signalling & block circuitry 
  • SMTH 
  • G110 Testing & Author / Checker 
  • Faulting & Maintenance 
  • S&C Delap Surveys and Refurbs 
  • Plain Line & S&C Renewals 
  • Signalling Support for P-Way & Civil Works 
  • Grip 5-8 – Signalling Design & Build 

Why Choose SigTech Rail? 

  • Health & Safety is paramount in all that we do. 
  • Our maintenance projects deliver real value for money. 
  • Daily support is provided by a knowledgeable rail engineer. 
  • We are proud to have ISO9001. 
  • Our memberships include CIRAS, Rail Alliance & RIA. 
  • All projects are delivered safely, on time & to budget. 
  • You can call upon decades of expertise and experience. 
  • A first-class service delivered by qualified & trusted signalling engineers.  
  • Value for money signalling services and no more exorbitant agency fees. 

Contact Us 

Whatever your rail project needs, or how demanding your projects are, our specialist teams are here ready to help and get on-track.  Our moto is to deliver rail excellence as standard whilst also ensuring that we remain committed, professional and dedicated to our customer needs.  

So, if you would like SigTech Rail to undertake a signalling project on your behalf, or you just need labour resources to help then call us on 01303 764344 


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