Mechanical Signalling

Mechanical signalling is still widely in use across the UK. It all still requires maintaining and refurbishing but due to the age of the equipment, there aren’t that many skill personnel around to carry out such works.

We’ve been involved in several mechanical projects including:

  • 2019 Skegness – renewal of timber bearers and sleepers by 1stIn Rail and the the vacuuming of the track bed by RailCare. All the work involved mechanical signalling with the disconnection of FPL’s, cranks and rodding, then reinstating and testing after the works.
  • 2020 Neasden NLL Life Extension – renewal of the semaphore signal structures that were life expired and had been condemned. Collis Engineering renewed the structures with On Track Plant from PodTrack. Network Rail undertook the installation with guidance from SigTech Rail who completed the G110 testing of the newly installed signals.
  • 2020 Harrogate 58 points – signalling installation works within the outlying location cases as well as underneath Harrogate SignalBox that is mechanical itself (See picture to the right). SigTech Rail were strongly involved in the installation of a brand new rodding run for 52B points – see photo’s below. Consisting of new benches for a crank and a compensator crank as well as re-jigging the lead off bench to allow for the new run. The locking fitters and New Works Testers were all Network Rail and did a fantastic job.
Mechanical semaphore signal wire
7 strands, 7 turns, no snips, by hand only.
railway installation
Harrogate rodding run before work started
new compensator & bench install
New compensator and bench installed.
railroad engineering
Harrogate rodding run with new FPL run installed..
mechanical signalling
Mechanical Signalling is still widely in use and will be for some time.