Mechanical Signalling

Rail Mechanical Signalling Services 

SigTech Rail is one of a handful of rail signalling contactors that have the engineering capabilities to maintain and refurbish mechanical upper and lower quadrant semaphore signals for the UK railway industry. Our specialist engineering teams are also able to update these older signalling structures so that they operate in accordance with today’s stringent Health & Safety Standards.  

Our expertise, knowledge and our rigorous management systems that we have in place enable our team of signalling engineers to successfully deliver projects in logistically constrained environments and highly regulated sectors such as rail. We combine our signalling expertise and installation know-how to provide our clients with a range of signalling mechanical & maintenance services whilst also balancing risk and costs.  

Our core Competencies 

We also provide a comprehensive range of services in the construction, testing and commissioning of mechanical signalling equipment and systems including: 

  • Ground Frames 
  • New semaphore signals and structures 
  • Rodding runs and cranks servicing 
  • Crank benches renewals 
  • Mechanical Points & FPL renewals 

Our Core Signalling Services 

  • T-xx Walkout Surveys 
  • Installation of trackside equipment, cabinets & other structures 
  • AWS, TPWS, Axle Counters, Balise, Treadles 
  • Switch and crossings  
  • Locations & REB internal wiring works 
  • Heritage signalling equipment – semaphore signalling & block circuitry 
  • SMTH 
  • G110 Testing & Author / Checker 
  • Faulting & Maintenance 
  • S&C Delap Surveys and Refurbs 
  • Plain Line & S&C Renewals 
  • Signalling Support for P-Way & Civil Works 
  • Grip 5-8 – Signalling Design & Build 

Some Mechanical Projects Include 

Our highly skilled team of Engineers have been involved in several mechanical projects including: 

2019 Skegness – renewal of timber bearers and sleepers by 1st Inrail and the vacuuming of the track bed by Railcare. All the work involved mechanical signalling with the disconnection of FPL’s, cranks and rodding, then reinstating and testing after the works. 

2020 Neasden NLL Life Extension – renewal of the semaphore signal structures that were life expired and had been condemned. Collis Engineering renewed the structures with On Track Plant from PodTrack. Network Rail undertook the installation with guidance from SigTech Rail who completed the G110 testing of the newly installed signals. 

2020 Harrogate 58 points – signalling installation works within the outlying location cases as well as underneath Harrogate Signal Box that is mechanical itself (see photo). SigTech Rail were strongly involved in the installation of a brand-new rodding run for 52B points (see photos) which consisted of new benches for a crank and a compensator crank as well as re-jigging the lead off bench to allow for the new run. The locking fitters and New Works Testers were all Network Rail staff who did a fantastic job. 

Why Choose SigTech Rail? 

  • Health & Safety is centric to all our project deliveries. 
  • Our services are costed to provide an excellent ROI. 
  • We are member of CIRAS, RIA and the Rail Alliance. 
  • We are accredited to Construction Online (Gold), Builders Profile. 
  • Accredited ISO9001. 
  • Trusted rail signalling engineers who hold superior knowledge & expertise in their field. 

Contact Us 

At SigTech rail we believe collaboration and working closing with our customers is a key component of our sustained growth. We have over 35+years of signalling project excellence and hold an enviable reputation within the rail sector.    

So, if you would like SigTech Rail to undertake a signalling project on your behalf, or you just need labour resources to help then call us on 01303 764344 

mechanical signalling
Mechanical Signalling is still widely in use and will be for some time.
Mechanical semaphore signal wire
7 strands, 7 turns, no snips, by hand only.
railway installation
Harrogate rodding run before work started
new compensator & bench install
New compensator and bench installed.
railroad engineering
Harrogate rodding run with new FPL run installed..

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