About SigTech Rail

Founded in 2016

SigTech Rail is run by signalling experts with many years experience. We are not salesmen, we are signalling, we understand what you want and more. Our management team not your standard office based workers with no knowledge on how railway signalling works. We have a proven track record of delivering signalling solutions for the rail renewals industry.

After two years of contracting it was clear that the end clients were fed up of sub contractors. They were paying through the nose to agencies, that sent individuals under their “no tools policy”. The upper management for the client doesn’t see that the site manager on the ground is pulling their hair out trying to get a job done with guys who have no tools or desire to provide their own tools.

In 2018, fed up with being sent out on jobs by various agencies only to be “supported” by individuals and teams of un-trained and in-experience signalling personnel, as well as seeing how the end clients were being robbed, it was decided that it was time to take SigTech Rail to the next level and provide the industry with a knowledgeable and supported signalling workforce. One that could provide a much better service to the end clients. We applied to the RISQS scheme in October 2018 and in January 2019 the audit was successfully passed and the journey into to railway signalling support industry began.

We ensure our teams turn up with the correct calibrated tools, as well as the required skills and expertise to complete the duties required. We don’t send them out with no support. Our on call are signalling competent staff in their own right, and if required use up to date technology to help the individuals overcome their issues on site. We are a team that builds railways together.

All of our employees and sub contract labour, are selected and verified by references and by us actually experiencing their attitude, work ethics and capabilities. This means we don’t accept low quality workmanship or attitudes within our company. Our workforce are key to our clients success as well as our own. We strongly encourage feedback from our clients AND our workforce. If we fail our workforce, then we fail our client.

Personnel provided by SigTech Rail are fully qualified in the Signalling disciplines and equipment types for the task in hand, whilst also holding or working towards their IRSE licences.

Anybody new to the signalling industry is welcome to SigTech Rail, but to stay with us, they need to be keen and eager to progress. They have to spend their own time and money in their own personal development and tooling, thereby showing they are serious about their chosen career path. If they are prepared to do this, then we will happily support them with guidance and mentorship.

Where possible, we endeavour to supply our own calibrated testing and installation tools for the work we are tasked with, thereby helping to remove pressure from the client as much as possible.

Wellingborough North, 2018.
SigTech Rail Consultancy Ltd