Points Fitting

Rail Points Fitting 

Network Rail and its many railway sub-contractors are responsible for maintaining, renewing and looking after over 20,000 miles of track.  This includes any mechanical systems such as sets of points which move the switches and crossings, and which guide the trains from one track to another whilst allowing them to cross paths.  All switches, crossings and points have a limited life span because trains cause wear and deformation when they travel across them.   

At SigTech rail our specialist team of Signalling Engineers and experienced fitters are able to carry out factory inspections prior to the despatch of any Points Operating Equipment to site.  Our fitters know exactly what they are looking for and can identify any nuances which may cause major headaches if the S&C equipment was sent to site without first inspection.  Our pre-inspection service therefore removes any potential future headaches before a project even gets underway.  

Our Engineers can also perform an initial onsite visit to assess any existing Points Operating Equipment.   From our inspection we can then draw up a list of parts to be pre-ordered, as well as identifying any necessary tooling and staffing resources needed so that the project works can run efficiently without any hold-ups.  

Our seasoned skilled engineers are also capable of upgrading backdrives and stretcher bars into worn existing poe attached to the switch and stock rails, which for some less skilled rail operatives may cause issues.  

Our Core Signalling Competencies 

  • T-xx Walkout Surveys 
  • Installation of trackside equipment, cabinets & other structures 
  • AWS, TPWS, Axle Counters, Balise, Treadles 
  • Switch and crossings  
  • Locations & REB internal wiring works 
  • Heritage signalling equipment – semaphore signalling & block circuitry 
  • SMTH 
  • G110 Testing & Author / Checker 
  • Faulting & Maintenance 
  • S&C Delap Surveys and Refurbs 
  • Plain Line & S&C Renewals 
  • Signalling Support for P-Way & Civil Works 
  • Grip 5-8 – Signalling Design & Build 

Why Choose SigTech Rail? 

  • Verified & Audited By RISQS 
  • Full members of CIRAS, RIA, Rail Alliance. 
  • Accredited to ISO 9001. 
  • Accredited to Construction Online (Gold), Builders Profile. 
  • Projects delivered safely, on time and to budget. 
  • Expertise and experience that you can depend upon. 
  • Qualified & trusted signalling engineers delivering value for money 

Contact Us 

We strive to deliver signalling excellence whilst constantly surpassing our client’s expectations. As a client of SigTech rail you can expect that our Engineers will deliver your project, on time, to budget, efficiently and safely.  So, if you would like SigTech Rail to undertake a signalling project on your behalf, or you just need labour resources to help then call us on 01303 764344 


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Euston RCPL Wide to Gauge Traps
Euston RCPL Wide to Gauge
HJ Detector on mechanical points
HJ Detector setup on mechanical points Skegness

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