Points Fitting

New projects requiring loose build up of Points Operating Equipment, usually require an inspection at the factory prior to dispatch, we have experienced fitters who know what they are looking at and little nuances that can cause major headaches on site. Issues before your S&C leaves the factory need to be highlighted so as to reduce on site problems.

Half switch renewals of existing S&C can also be catered for. A pre site visit to assess the existing POE, will allow us to draw up a list of parts requiring to be ordered, as well as tooling and staffing requirements for the works.

Upgrading backdrives and stretcher bars into worn existing switch and stock rails can involve other problems to the inexperienced eyes.

HJ Detector on mechanical points
HJ Detector setup on mechanical points Skegness
Euston RCPL Wide to Gauge Traps
Euston RCPL Wide to Gauge
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