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Rail Signalling Testing Services  

At SigTech Rail we are proud to have invested into assembling a team of highly qualified signalling engineers who provide first class technical expertise on any of the projects that they undertake.  Our teams also ensure that there is a constant dialogue with the client throughout the various stages of the planned project works.  Our in-house Management Team also reinforces our excellent service delivery by validating and verifying all ongoing planned works thereby ensuring that projects are delivered on time, to budget, efficiently and safely.   

At SigTech Rail we help Network Rail and other rail contractors & operators to ensure that their rail signalling equipment functions reliably and safely. Signalling, Telecoms, testing and maintenance services can be a complex process as each specialism has its own interdependencies.  Therefore, it is essential that all performance, safety, quality and interoperability objectives are achieved and that all signalling operations are working smoothly and efficiently.  

Our Core Testing Services 

SigTech Rail provides railway signalling testing and commissioning services for both mainline and metro railways. We provide all levels of testing resources which include: 

  • Testing management 
  • SMTH & G110 
  • G110 Author / Checker 
  • G110 Lead Testing 
  • Verification testing 
  • Functional Equivalent Design & Testing 
  • Principles Testing 
  • Tester in Charge responsibilities 

SMTH and G110 are core to our service delivery. Within track renewals, testing to SMT and G110 standard could be as simple as a single-track circuit, or indeed involve multiple types of track circuits, a signal and a set of points, all in one operating shift. 

As specialist signalling engineers, we are involved right from the start of the planning stage so we can spot potential issues before they arise. Our engineering knowledge and expertise allows us to compile the G110 test plan thereby delivering our testing services to a high standard, safely, on time and to budget.  

Our Core Signalling Competencies 

  • T-xx Walkout Surveys 
  • Installation of trackside equipment, cabinets & other structures 
  • AWS, TPWS, Axle Counters, Balise, Treadles 
  • Switch and crossings  
  • Locations & REB internal wiring works 
  • Heritage signalling equipment – semaphore signalling & block circuitry 
  • SMTH 
  • G110 Testing & Author / Checker 
  • Faulting & Maintenance 
  • S&C Delap Surveys and Refurbs 
  • Plain Line & S&C Renewals 
  • Signalling Support for P-Way & Civil Works 
  • Grip 5-8 – Signalling Design & Build 

Why Choose SigTech Rail? 

  • Health & Safety is core in everything we do. 
  • Providing an excellent return on investment for our clients is our No.1 goal. 
  • We are members of RIA, the Rail Alliance & CIRAS. 
  • We are accredited to Construction Online (Gold), Builder’s profile. 
  • We have ISO9001. 
  • Experts, trusted and unrivalled in our field. 

Contact Us 

In our 35+years of signalling experience we have overseen and taken on many challenging and demanding rail signalling projects. We constantly strive to be committed, professional and dedicated rail engineers whilst delivering signalling excellence as standard. 

So, if you would like SigTech Rail to undertake a signalling project on your behalf, or you just need labour resources to help then call us on 01303 764344 


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