Rail Safety Week 20th – 26th June

Next week is all about Rail Safety Week. RSW is an industry lead initiative which focuses on rail safety for all. Every contractor, worker, employee or individual involved in the rail industry understands the seriousness for keeping passengers and those who live or work on or near the railways safe. Whether you work in the rail industry or you use the railways to get from A to B, safety in rail affects us all.


At SigTech Rail we have four core pillars of company values.  The first of them being Safety-First. From our Managing Director, right down to our cleaner all our employees understand that everybody has a responsibility to behave in a safe manner.  We encourage our teams to challenge any unsafe working conditions, immediately report any close calls & if necessary to stop work to reassess any safety issues. Our Safety-First initiative is just one of 4 core values which underpin our operational excellence whilst providing our business with the reassurance that our employees will always arrive home safe and well.

To reinforce safety measures across the industry Network Rail have run some great safety awareness campaigns including the latest campaign “Beware of the Bubble – you might miss the line with work on your mind” or there’s “Bossing the Crossing” and “You Vs Train” click here if you want to find out more!

So next week let’s all help to address, promote, engage and bring safety to the forefront of everyone’s minds across the entire week.

Image Credit Network Rail