Signalling Experts
Delivering Technical Solutions
For The Rail Renewals Industry

Signalling Experts
Delivering Technical Solutions
For The Rail Renewals Industry

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What We Do

Provide high quality signalling support for plain line and S&C renewals, as well as signalling assistance for civil work in the rail industry. Installation, Maintenance, Points Fitting and Testing to SMTH and G110 standards.

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Our Workforce

We believe at SigTech Rail that we offer an outstanding, reliable workforce. Our conscientious team work efficiently and safely, whilst using their wealth of experience to ensure their job is carried out to the best of their ability. An exemplary team enables us as a company to grow and provide a quality service to all our clients.

In addition, we feel it is important to continue strengthening the foundations of our workforce by offering a supportive environment whilst encouraging further development of skills.

Verified And Audited by RISQS

SigTech Rail have been successfully Verified and Audited by RISQS, and undertake fixed price works for installation, maintenance, points fitting, SMTH & G110 works as defined in our RISQS certificate.

We can also provide signalling labour supply – of a level of competency that only we would be happy working with ourselves.

Certified Member Of CIRAS

CIRAS is the Confidential Incident Reporting Analysis System for Transport. CIRAS not only captures health, safety, security, and environmental concerns raised by individual workers, but also seeks a constructive response from the companies concerned. CIRAS is completely independent, entirely confidential, and helps make the industry even safer.


SigTech Rail is based in the south east of England yet undertakes works in the throughout the UK. Who works on their doorstep in the rail industry anyway?

Our Services

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New projects requiring loose build up of Points Operating Equipment, usually require an inspection at the factory prior to dispatch, we have experienced fitters who know what they are looking at and the little nuances that can cause major headaches on site. Issues before your S&C leaves the factory need to be highlighted so as to reduce on site problems.
Half switch renewals of existing S&C can also be catered for. A pre site visit to assess the existing POE, will allow us to draw up a list of parts requiring to be ordered, as well as tooling and staffing requirements for the works. Upgrading backdrives and stretcher bars into worn existing switch and stock rails can involve other problems to the inexperienced eyes.

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Major projects, track renewals, ancillary support, all require signalling installation even if it is one cross cable to be removed and refitted. Common sense and a keen eye, as well as training and qualification, are all required to ensure the installation is completed to standard so as to prevent equipment failure from damage or loose connections. Installation can vary from equipment out on the track such as AWS, TPWS, Axle Counters, Treadles etc, to location case and REB internal wiring. Either way, we can confidently provide competent teams to undertake the work required.

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SMTH and G110 are core to our works. With track renewals, testing to SMT and G110 standard could be as simple as one track circuit, or as complex as multiple types of track circuits a signal and a set of points all in one shift.
In addition to the actual testing, we can provide G110 Author / Checker competent supervisors from the start of the planning stage. This level of knowledge and competency allows us to compile the G110 test plan and ensure we can provide competent and capable staff to successfully complete the works to standard, safely and to time.

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After the assets are installed and commissioned, they still need to be checked and maintained. The lack of maintenance simply increases the risk of equipment failure and in turn, delays to trains and our passengers. We can provide teams or individuals to help support your maintenance activities to help ensure the reliability of the trains on our network.