STRC – Our New Company Values

As an SME business working in the Rail Signalling sector which highly safety regulated our teams got together to re-evaluate our core operational business values. We didn’t want to write any old jargon but wanted to impart the values which we truly believe in and which we know we can deliver upon.  More importantly we wanted our values to reassure our customers of the exceptional & safe service levels that our business offers.  In a nutshell our values are  STRC

  • Safety First
  • Team Work
  • Reliable
  • Conscientious 


At SigTech Rail we have four core pillars of company values. The first of them being “Safety -First.”  From our Managing Director, right down to our cleaner all our employees understand that everybody has a responsibility to behave in a safe manner. We encourage our teams to challenge any unsafe working conditions, immediately report any close calls & if necessary to stop work to reassess any safety issues. Our Safety-First initiative is one of 4 core values which underpin our operational excellence whilst providing our business with the reassurance that our employees will always arrive home safe & well.


We believe that we are stronger united, and that Teamwork is an integral part of our culture.  We have built our business on trust which allows our innovative people to flourish and collaborate. We support & respect each other values whilst being committed to honesty, trust, and transparency.  We encourage diversity & regularly invest into developing our teams and acquiring new talent. Accountability, focusing on goals and attention to detail are just a few more qualities which our employee’s advocate to.  So, whether we win or lose, we do it as a team.


We believe that being a Reliable and dependable rail signalling supplier is a journey, not a destination!  That’s why our teams work extremely hard to collectively deliver high quality working standards whilst also providing exceptional service levels. We take pride in delivering our services effectively, responsibly, and reliably. Our Reliable services are not only safe, but they are also very cost effective to. As a business we love nothing more than being the very best in all that we do, so why not join us on our journey?


We are a business that is extremely Conscientious. We take pride in delivering real value to our customers, employees, partners, and the community. We stand by our core values when interacting with our employees or working with our customers and we do this authentically, constructively, and impeccably. We are determined put the interests of our customers, partners, and employees first whilst also nurturing each of them to grow and develop.  Our business is about delivering loyalty, honesty, trust, accountability, and all-round value-centricity.  We can also be expressive and fun, but most of all we are SigTech Rail.