Severn Valley Railway Musical Adventure

Severn Valley Railway is running a heart-warming, festive steam- or diesel-hauled service from Kidderminster to The Engine House at Highly, Shropshire that will take passengers on a musical adventure beginning at 7pm on 27th November until 18th December. On entry there will be mulled wine refreshments, each evening a range of carols and Christmas songs performed by local choirs, a saxophone group and brass and concert bands. The journey is sure to entice even the most Scrooge-worthy among us.

The future of railway has no space for the antiquated boxes and lever frames once used for signalling. Network Rail is to begin a £45 million project to revolutionise signalling methods in Middlesbrough. The control over the system will transfer from two traditional signal boxes to National Rail’s Rail Operating Centre in York. The traditional signal box is operated by levers and switch panels, and they will be demolished as part of the initiative to futureproof the railway. The line will be closed from Saturday 13th November to Monday 15th November with no trains to or from Middlesbrough. Bus links will be offered in replacement.

Michael Portillo advocates for Stockton’s bid to become headquarters of Great British Railways (GBR). The first public steam trains departed from Stockton and Darlington in 1825, it may seem fitting. Mr. Portillo, a world-renowned railway enthusiast, who hosts the BBC documentary Great British Railway Journeys believes it be the best place to establish GBR because of the historical significance and the chance to boost Stockton’s economy and skilled jobs. By invoking the whimsy of Britain’s past innovation; the mighty steam engine that transported Victorians into the future, the situating of GBR in Stockton appears not a choice but a given after Mr. Portillo’s backing.
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